The Fruits of consciousness is a virtual installation based on the theories of sight, knowledge, and consciousness fundamentally inspired by the scientific literature of Lynne A. Isbell regarding the connection and coevolution between the serpent, human, the fruit, and the tree in relation to our biological history.

Athena is an installation that connects the divine goddess through social media. If she feels your like is worth it, her heart will beat.

Using generative networks, historical meditations gives life to statues. exhibited in AIR Gallery in the exhibition "Acces Modes"

Series of Deep A.I. unique creations orchestrated by a user.

In collaboration with Airalab, Gaka-Chu is an artist robot that tries to make his way in the art world.

LIFE is the perfect experience for the moments you feel alone and with despair. it connects to more than one million possibilities at the end of the game. clic to open doors.

Presented in the 2019 Media poetry Festival, The Mind of The Unconscious Spaceman is a dome projection that explores the archetypal nature of reality through ASCII.

The minotaur is a 3D animation from a robot series. It tackles the idea of consciousness, Artifitial Life and the meaning of being.

A 3D animation that narrates the small dialogue between the most advanced robot ever made and God. This was projected in Mexico City's Center of digital culture in the INDICIOS exhibition in 2017. is a short film made in 24 hours. It's the story of a small 3D cube in an animation program that suddenly gains self-awareness.
Ethan's first exhibition piece was an abstract 3D animation showed in the GROUNDWORKS exhibition in 2017 in Madrid, Spain.

Based on a myth from Kazan. Music by Karina Rivero
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