Born in Mexico City in 1994, having a painter as an uncle and influenced by his father's love for cinema and science fiction. Ethan began to be introduced into the world of the arts early in his life. Having lived in three different countries in his early years, he already had a very unique and distinct perspective on life, throughout his life, Ethan has always been attracted to the arts and the theme of existence and artificial life which later became recurring in Ethan's work.

He studied an Animation & Digital Arts degree in Mexico City in Tecnológico de Monterrey where he started to animate and express himself in this medium right away. Ethan traveled to Spain for six months for a Fine Arts specialization in Universidad Antonio de Nebrija in Madrid, Spain, where he made his debut in the GROUNDWORKS art exhibit, he later returned to Mexico to finish his studies and a short animation about a simulated cube acknowledging his existence.

Afterward, he participated in the INDICIOS a controversial short animation film called "The Day God Committed Suicide". A film that started his robot series that continues to this day, he has also been a part of the Media Poetry festival in 2018, Access modes in 2019, and the Pangardenia ARS Electronica exhibition in 2020.

Though he has made different Art like Photography, Music, Painting, and Literature, his passion remains in Audiovisual forms like animation or live-action.

Ethan is currently residing in Mexico City, Mexico, and is developing his aesthetic research to bridge traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

Venus de Milo
A young Ethan Avila visiting the Louvre museum in 1998
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